Why Quality First Healthcare Consultants?

We are your one source compliance solution.  We bring to you a platform that serves all of your healthcare and medical compliance needs, providing expert healthcare consulting services and an online compliance software solution PolicyPLUS.

We are highly respected and recommended by our customers.  Healthcare consulting firms are sometimes accused of delivering empty promises.  Despite high fees they are frequently charged with "stating the obvious" or lacking the experience upon which to base their advice.  These healthcare consultants bring few innovations, instead offering generic and prepackaged strategies that are irrelevant to the client’s needs.  That is not the case with the Quality First Family.  Our customers are our biggest advocates.

We are driven by our focus on results.  Our customer-centered team-based approach is proven to exceed customer expectations, and equip the client to sustain the achieved results, even after our healthcare consulting work is completed.

We are comprehensive in scope.  Healthcare companies today are turning towards comprehensive healthcare consulting firms like the Quality First Family for:

  • Organizational change management assistance
  • Development of coaching skills
  • Technology implementation
  • Strategy development and operational improvement services
  • External advice
  • Consultant expertise
  • Industry best practices
  • Methodologies and frameworks to guide the identification of problems
  • Recommendations for more effective and efficient ways of performing work tasks

From A to Z, the Quality First Family is with you from the beginning all the way to the finish.  Take PCMH recognition for example: Our expert healthcare consulting team can perform a gap analysis on the client’s preparedness, guide the client through PCMH recognition preparation process, including policy and document preparation, and then monitor and assist the management of the client’s compliance maintenance through our PolicyPLUS™ online compliance management solution.  No one else offers such complete and comprehensive expert healthcare consulting services, all at affordable rates.