Health Care System Design and Redesign

QFHC is redesigning health care communities through transformation of health care delivery into patient-centered and value-driven integrated systems of care. QFHC focuses on eight key transformation principles throughout the health care system redesign process:

  1. Organizational culture and leadership.
  2. Service delivery capacity and organizational cooperation across the care continuum.
  3. Physician integration.
  4. Patient-focused philosophies.
  5. Geographic coverage of network.
  6. Standardized care delivery.
  7. Performance management.
  8. Information systems.

Financial and Medical-Clinical Operations Management

Efficient, natural workflow is essential to cost-effective operations. QFHC has the ability to effectively assess and redesign core operational processes to meet your business requirements and maintain compliance with regulatory and/or accrediting standards.

Financial and Medical-Clinical Operations Management services include:

  • Work Flow Analysis (From "As is" to "To be").
  • Change management facilitation.
  • Policies and procedures, program descriptions, work plans, outcomes/ROI measurement design.
  • Systems software designed to effectively and efficiently manage new business requirements.

Performance Management

QFHC addresses the challenge of today's health care with its model of performance management. Performance management is the art of formulating key organization goals, developing the strategies and methods to be used, refining goals into specific measurable objectives, managing those objectives, measuring the results achieved, and modifying strategies and methods based on those results.

QFHC's customized programs help your organization improve services, optimize outcomes, and make the most efficient use of your resources, while also complying with state, federal, and accreditation standards. Performance management services include:

  • Identifying "critical elements" that act as base standards required to ensure all consumers receive quality care and service.
  • Facilitating team-planning meetings to establish outcome-based performance measurements.
  • Developing processes to monitor the effectiveness of current procedures.
  • Designing customized outcome measurement projects and corresponding tools for collection and management of data.
  • Providing technical assistance to facilitate integration of performance management techniques into operations.

New Program and Product Development

QFHC's experience in the development of startup programs and products significantly reduces the amount of time and risk involved in moving a concept into reality. Program and product development services include:

  • Developing policies and procedures.
  • Designing program models.
  • Developing program descriptions, work plans, and evaluations.
  • Developing and completing a business plan.
  • Developing marketing strategies.
  • Writing job descriptions.
  • Conducting on-site staff training.

Process and Operations Workflow Analysis

Efficient, natural workflow is essential to providing quality care and services while maintaining cost-effective operations. QFHC helps organizations reorganize around core processes. Workflow studies are conducted through interviews, document reviews, and observation, to identify opportunities for improvement. A gap analysis is developed and reviewed with the organization's management team, then in collaboration with management and staff, new processes are developed. Operational testing is completed around reorganized processes to prevent inefficient manual processes from becoming inefficient automated ones.