OSV Challenges Series

  • Whether you are expecting a virtual operational site visit (VOSV) this year, interested in learning more about the VOSV process, or want to learn how to achieve and maintain continuous HRSA compliance - this training series is for you.

    Transitioning from an onsite Operational Site Visit (OSV) to a VOSV platform is a paradigm shift in how health centers prepare and conduct the OSV process. It requires a new view of documentation and interaction between the health center and the VOSV review team. The more concise health centers can be in directing the desktop review through documentation packaging the more effective and efficient the review process becomes. Assuring interactive sessions, including the virtual tour, are well planned and rehearsed helps to prevent interruptions and connectivity challenges.

    This series includes 4 webinars, Setting the stage for a VOSV, VOSV Clinical Challenges, VOSV Financial Challenges, and VOSV Administrative-Governance Challenges. To prepare for this web series numerous OSV experts were called upon to provide input, including experts who have been performing virtual reviews for accrediting entities for over 12 years. Tips and best practices learned from the field are presented to participants including examples and methods for documentation packaging as well as platforms for starting the process toward achieving and maintaining continuous HRSA compliance.

    OSV Challenges, Setting the Stage for a VOSV

    OSV Challenges, Clinical Services

    OSV Challenges, Financial Services

    OSV Challenges, Admin-Governance

Missing Key Policies? We Have Them!

PolicyAssist™ is a dynamic resource library of hundreds of policies, procedures, protocols, forms, templates, job descriptions, and much more. These are developed and written by QFHC consultants with new documents and tools added regularly. These documents are constantly reviewed and revised to meet ever-changing compliance requirements. PolicyAssist™ crosswalks documents to important regulatory and accrediting standards such as HRSA, NCQA PCMH, FTCA, AAAHC and others.