We believe this integrated change management approach of sharing information and experience through education, training, coaching, and mentoring is conducive to client-satisfied, effective, results-oriented outcomes.  We also believe that this consulting method yields economic benefits that sustain results over time.  We are committed to providing the best possible service.  To meet this objective we continually work to improve our skills.

Through a collaborative team process tailored to the unique needs of each client, healthcare and medical organizations learn to innovate, solve, adapt, and successfully change the way they do business to meet today’s healthcare challenges and information technology advances.  Working closely with the client, together we are able to deliver sustainable results.

Starting as a healthcare consulting firm focused on managed care accreditation project management, QFHC has grown and expanded its healthcare management consulting nationwide.  Simply stated, medical organizations use our healthcare consulting services to bring about significant change in operational areas such as population health, care coordination, care management, case management, utilization management, compliance, and quality management.

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